Core of ICOM4


It is only when you gather data on how well you are performing within specific areas, that you have control over reaching your strategic goals, based on:

  1. Business strategies and management behaviors
  2. Leadership skills and the engagement levels of your workforce
  3. Brand promise and the experience that your clients have when dealing with your business

When the complete workforce, from senior executives to client facing staff, work in alignment with one another, a business is 10x more likely to achieve their goals and maintain a strong brand.

Yet, in many cases companies are misaligned and as a result, the focus of each department is often out of alignment with the strategies and goals of other departments and possibly even the organization itself, thus making it hard for a company to have synergy between business units which eventually impacts a client’s experience and the value of a brand.

The ICOM4 methodology and measurement system can gather feedback from numerous touch points that impact on a company’s performance. Each layer links to the other, allowing the ability to isolate exactly where a breakdown in focus and skill level begins to impact business performance.

Each assessment layer can operate in isolation of the other, or used as a complete competency tracking system.

Meaningful Data

ICOM4’s smart data analytics, measures performance by seeking feedback from the associated personnel who impact each area. Each measurement level can operate in isolation or as one full organizational analysis. When the later is selected, you will have a full smart data system that gathers information from the senior executive team all the way to your clients. This will then uncover where things may be breaking down in terms of your ability to execute strategic goals, to the perceived brand value based on client experience, AND tell you exactly what you can to do to fix it.

Measurable Data

The results of each assessment provide you with absolute clarity on what your workforce needs to master to achieve your goals. The data provides executives, management, human resources, and marketing and sales with critical insights that shows how each department is impacting performance. When you are able to uncover, measure and change key behaviors, you increase your ability to execute your strategic plan, grow the profits of your business AND ultimately dramatically improving business results.

Real Time Data

The results provide you with immediate clarity on what you need to do to achieve your goals and improve performance. Our real time data provides operations, human resources and marketing with data that shows them how each of their departments supports the other, and when they work towards a common goal their ability to execute your strategic plan and grow the profits of your business dramatically improves.

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