Listed below are common ICOM4 FAQ’s, if you require additional information, please call us direct or email: info4@icom4.com.

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Can I see sample reports?

All reports are generated online and assessments take 10 to 20 minutes to complete. To request sample report please, email to info4@icom4.com.

How do I take an assessment?

To purchase a single assessment contact info4@icom4.com. If you are a company and require multiple assessment types, please send a request to info4@icom4.com. Please indicate country, industry and if possible a brief description of the presenting issues you are seeking to address and a representative will be in contact to discuss your needs.

 If I use your assessments and have a question, what do I do?

When you are registered as an ICOM4 user you will have a dedicated ICOM4 representative to answer all of your questions. If for any reason you need additional support you can contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help.

 What are the benefits of choosing ICOM4 as an assessment  provider?

ICOM4’s platform is designed to align corporate cultures, develop leaders and raise employee and customer satisfaction levels. One of the unique elements of ICOM4 is that each assessment type can be used as a stand alone assessments or cross referenced against the other to isolated where communication starts to break down and the impact that this has on a culture and a company’s ability to achieve its strategic goals. So whether you are seeking to align your culture, develop leaders, raise employee engagement levels or improve customer satisfaction levels the ICOM4 platform can provide valuable insight into the areas that you need to focus on for rapid improvement in the most cost and time effective way.

 Does ICOM4 really work?

Yes, our research has proven that taking the ICOM4 assessments can identify the alignment and misalignment between the priorities that various management levels have for each business drivers. This misalignment is the cause of culture breakdown and a companies ability to achieve their strategy. When data is gathered from the workforce and customer we can also identify the business drivers that a employee desires from their leader and the drivers that the customer desires from the company, when these desires are not meet then this erodes on satisfaction and performance levels. The goal is simple: to bring two measurements into alignment through improved communication or development plans. When each business driver is mapped to learning and development interventions and targeted development is provided, managers and employees can quickly master the skills associated with each driver, resulting in an immediate impact on raising performance, engagement and satisfaction levels of internal staff and customers.

 How do we link our training programs to the ICOM4 business drivers?

Because all of our business drivers are linked to key competencies it is easy to map back results to your existing training and development offerings. In addition, during the set-up stage you can map training and development interventions to each driver providing a personal workforce development plan for each manager, leader and team member.

 Does ICOM4 offer training and coaching to close the performance gaps?

ICOM4 offers self-directed coaching workbooks to support our assessments. We have an extensive network of Channel Partners around the world who are experienced consultants, trainers, coaches and e-learning experts that are available to meet your needs.

 Will taking an ICOM4 assessment really make a difference in my business?

Each assessment type addresses specific business situations with the main focus being aligning your culture, developing leaders and raising your employee engagement and customer satisfaction levels. Before you purchase your assessments, we encourage you to review our sample reports and request a free consultation with an ICOM4 expert to ensure that the assessments selected support your business needs.

 How much does ICOM4 Cost?

Cost are based on volume and contractual terms, payment can be monthly in arrears or on a 6 or 12 month subscription basis. Email info4@icom4.com for pricing and to be put in touch with a local Channel Partner. Along with your contact information, please include the assessment(s) you are considering, volume, and geographic location.

 How can I purchase ICOM4 assessments?

ICOM4 sells through Channel Partners, please send request to info4@icom4.com. In addition to your contact information please include the assessments you are interested in (if known), industry, geographic location, email and phone number and if possible a brief description of the presenting issue you are looking to solve.