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Implementers and Partners.

An ICOM4 Implementer is internal or external to an organization and works in the area of either management consulting or organizational and workforce development, and ICOM4 partner works closely with ICOM4 providing consulting services and development support to our clients.

ICOM4 Foundation Accreditation

2-day foundation accreditation covers the basics of ICOM4 including: framework, research, link between work styles and leadership skills, assessment options and how to select and use each assessment type. The accreditation is a pre-requisite to Levels 1 to 3 accreditation and is also available on-line.

Level 1 Accreditation

Level 1 – 1-day accreditation for leadership development, team development and breaking down silos. Used as a pre-requisite evaluation for training and development programs by providing an ROI measurement tool for behavior change. Assists with implementing change, aligning cultures, developing the workforce and building internal employee advocacy.

Level 2 Accreditation

Level 2 – 1-day accreditation for management, the results identify how the current skills and priorities of management impacts the company’s culture and ability to reach business goals. Reports are used for strategic execution, culture alignment, M&A’s and Private Equity evaluations. There is an optional 3-month management-consulting project that is link to an MBA.

Level 3 Accreditation

Level 3 – 1-day accreditation for increasing sales and service skills to obtain higher levels of client satisfaction, the results identify how the current skills and priorities of front facing staff impacts the clients experience and associated satisfaction levels. Reports are used to develop sales and customer service staff to ensure they meet the needs of each on of their clients.

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