“Being the Founder of The EEA and through my involvement in several global Awards programs that recognise Culture and Engagement I get to see a lot of technology that can add value to a business. ICOM4 stands out as being unique because of the insight it provides, allowing a business to quickly identify how the current skills and attitudes of management and the workforce impacts their ability to reach certain goals. The data really helps businesses to implement change and make significant improvement to task execution, productivity and employee engagement levels.”

– James M, Director, Employee Engagement Alliance, UK.

“It’s essential when providing professional development for FTSE 100 brands that its meaningful, relevant, measurable and practical. Before ICOM4 clients were heavily reliant on lengthy assessments, expensive diagnosis days and departmental ‘opinions’ to determine the type of training needed to improve their performance. Now we’re able to provide clients with cost effective ‘scientific’ data-driven assessments that accurately pin-point needs and measure the effectiveness (ROI) of our training. We don’t recommend ICOM4 to our clients, its become an essential part of how uniquely assess and design training solutions for our clients today.”

– Damian M, Managing Partner, The Boost Partnership, UK/Europe.