Empowering Your People

Between your strategy and brand lays your workforce and it is the behaviors and actions of the workforce that will drive both your ability to execute that strategy and fulfill your brand promises.

Let us ask you:

  • Have your really thought about how your workforce’s behaviors and actions, whether they are client facing or not, impacts your client’s perception of your brand?
  • Can you say for sure what specific behaviors and actions you need to have present in your workforce so you can meet strategic objectives?
  • Do you intentionally measure how aligned your development investments are to your company’s strategy and brand?

If you answered no to anyone of these questions, we want to give you the gift of awareness. Over our numerous years in management consulting, we have witnessed over and over companies developing strong strategic plans and implementing the latest and greatest development programs, without truly considering and, more importantly, measuring, how it links to executing their business strategy and fulfilling the brand image that you are trying to achieve.

You invest in strategic planning, you invest in developing leaders and staff, you invest in marketing to develop your brand, and you may even invest in NPS and employee engagement scores. Yet are you wasting resources by trying to use a shotgun approach or are you targeting your efforts around clear outcomes, and measurable ROI’s.

ICOM4’s methodology and powerful measurement tools do not focus on treating the symptoms, rather we help you cure the “whole body” by strengthening your workforce in key areas that are impacting your ability to execute your strategy and fulfill your brand promise.

Whether you are a company looking to improve your client retention and referral rates, or a consultant who is interested in bringing the best solutions to your clients, contact us today to find out more.

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