Exceeding Your Clients Needs

We have helped companies save millions of potential lost revenue by uncovering and pin-pointing the exact reasons that their clients are unhappy in their relationship with the business.

Your products, services, quality, innovation and processes can be, and probably is being imitated by your competitors. Your clients are hit with thousands of messages, requests and information designed to sway them away, therefore, your one true source of competitive advantage is:

Your ability to develop and sustain strong relationships with your clients.

Whether your are in the client acquisition, retention or asking for referrals stage of the sales process, your ability to quickly and accurately build and maintain strong client relationships will impact your profits.

ICOM4’s sales navigation system and measurement tools were specifically designed to help you build your profits by keeping the clients that you work so hard to get.

We help you:

  • Capture actionable intelligence, removing the guess work on what you think your client’s want
  • Identify and measure key areas to uncover how the current relationship is either supporting or not supporting your clients needs
  • Measure ROI of your training and development programs, to ensure your time and investment are producing financial returns

We are the only company that combines the art of sales with powerful technology to back it up.

Whether you are a company looking to improve your client retention and referral rates, or a consultant who is interested in bringing the best solutions to your clients, contact us today to find out more.

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