Executing Your Strategy

Your best and brightest develop your strategy, big or small, formal or informal the process of identifying where you want to go, allows decisions to be made and actions to be taken to help you get there. So why is it that when it’s time to execute, it all seems to fall apart and your amazing plan fizzles into oblivion?

What we have learned in over 20+ years of helping companies, is that the first layer of breakdown appears between the board, the C-Suite and upper management. When these three layers are not aligned with what is important and what the workforce is focusing on, strategic execution will stumble and possibly fail.

ICOM4 offers a powerful C-Suite strategic alignment consulting process and measurement system that:

  • Measures the alignment between the priorities of the Board, C-Suite, and the management team
  • Identifies the behaviors and actions that need to be strengthened within your management team to allow specific strategic outcomes to be achieved
  • Links management behaviors to strategic outcomes allowing you to benchmark and monitor competencies throughout the management team

We are the only company that links your strategy, values, and brand promise to the competencies of your workforce.

Our powerful methodology and measurement tools allow you to identify, measure, improve and monitor the competencies that are hindering your from achieving your strategic objectives

Whether you are a company looking to execute your strategy or an outside consultant who is interested in bringing the best solutions to your clients, contact us today to find out more.

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