ICOM stands for:

Investigation, Collaboration, Orchestration, and Motivation

Each of these represent four fundamental business functions that allow a company to continue to evolve and succeed. Remove any one of these areas and it will have direct impact on a company’s ability to execute strategy and achieve long term goals. Each area is further broken down into 4 categories that are based on leadership and performance fundamentals, therefore, the data isolates competencies that can be developed throughout the organization.

The number 4 in ICOM4, represents 4 data points in which we gather feedback to see how well a company is performing in the above areas: we seek feedback using a cloud-based assessment platform from:

1. Senior Executives

2. Mid Management / Front line Leaders

3. Workforce

4. Clients

This allows us to provide accurate, real-time data on how each layer impacts the other and the priorities and skills of the various workforce layers eventually impacts the client experience and therefore the reputation of a brand.

ICOM4 is a exceptionally insightful process providing a structure from which the workforce can build a solid team with dynamic core values. The identification of team strengths and barriers helped us generate solutions that resulted in far higher levels of behavior change and a measurable ROI on the investment that we had made in development of staff.

USA, Government Agency Testimonial