Our Process

Isolates how the skills and priorities of your workforce, from executives to front facing staff, impacts your ability to execute your strategy and build your brand.

Getting Started

90 Minute Meeting

The 90 Minute Meeting is lead by a Certified ICOM4 Partner and introduces your leadership team to the ICOM4 system getting everyone on the same page to decide if you want to use the system and tools to strengthen your company.


Once you have decided to proceed, we customize the system to your requirements, ensuring that the data that is collected links to your strategic goals, key performance indicators and your values and brand. This allows us to provide you with smart intelligent data that clearly shows how the current skills and priorities of your workforce, from the executive team, all the way to your front facing clients, is either supporting or hindering you from achieving goals.

Isolate Issues


During this stage, we focus on 4 areas that result in higher levels of honest feedback being provided by your workforce and clients. The 4 areas include:

  1. Frame: involves preparing the workforce/clients so they can clearly see ‘what is in it for them’
  2. Customize: the email invites so it resonates with the person providing feedback
  3. Assess: send out the assessment invites to gather feedback
  4. Monitor: track the response rates, to ensure maximum levels of feedback has been obtained

Design a Plan


Results are immediately available once the assessment close date has been reached.

The evaluation stage involves:

  1. Presenting the results to your leadership team
  2. Discussing the impact that the results has on your ability to reach specific goals
  3. Prioritizing areas of workforce development that you will focus on to enable the workforce to execute goals
  4. Designing a development plan


Commence targeted development of the workforce. The workforce will be clear on why they need to develop certain skills as it will allow them to reach specific goals that are relevant to their job role and current working environment.

Measure the Impact


Depending on the development intervention, you can monitor changes in behavior to see if the workforce is learning new skills, adapting to change, or if little to no behavior change is occurring, it will allow you to see if it is the people or the process that is not working so you can fine tune the interventions to ensure maximum ROI.


End of year review provides:

1. An ROI tool on the development interventions that you use

2. A behavior change monitoring system

3. Ongoing pulse checks on the capabilities of your workforce and their ability to reach strategic goals